Why Baptism?

If you are a follower of Jesus, we’d love to encourage you to take the next step in your Christian walk and publicly share your commitment to Christ. The way we do this as Christians is through baptism. At J28 Church, we love baptism! Baptismal Services are regularly held as part of our Sunday services.

We believe in baptism as it is described in the Bible. It is a Believer’s Baptism by full immersion in water which mirrors Christ rising from the grave to begin his new eternal life. The New Testament shows us that when people turned to God and professed Jesus as their Saviour, one of the first ways in which they expressed their new-found faith was in water Baptism.

It is important to know that Baptism is not about perfection, but it is a symbol of us starting the journey of becoming more and more like Christ. Baptism is a public statement to the world of our commitment to Christ and our intention to be his follower. It also shows the Church that we are glad to be part of God’s family.

Baptism is not an indicator of Christian maturity, so you don’t need to have been a Christian for a long time in order to be baptised. You maybe very new to the Christian faith, but if you genuinely want to follow the Lord, we would encourage you to be baptised. 

If you are considering baptism, why not check out our Baptism Brochure.