Senior Pastor

Nathan and his wife Lucy have a special connection to J28 Church. Having met at J28 they were eventually married in the church in 2015. They have three beautiful children, Noah, James (Jimmy) and Holly. Nathan has been in full time church ministry since February 2016 serving first as the Assistant Pastor before becoming the Senior Pastor in January 2019. Lucy has a big heart for overseas missions work, she has spent time doing christian charity work in Africa and also worked for an HIV charity back in the UK. She is now enjoying taking time to be a mum to their three young children. Nathan is an accredited minister with Assemblies of God, Great Britain and has been involved in church leadership for a number of years. He carries a strong desire to see the church become all that it can be through the promise that Christ will ‘build his Church’ through willing people empowered by the Holy Spirit. Nathan and Lucy are passionate about helping people to find their place in the life of the church, equipping them to use the gifts God has blessed every person with to make a difference and encouraging people to grow their faith.


Church Leader

Tony and Kaye Reid have been married since 1971. They have two married daughters and two equally wonderful granddaughters.

Remarkably in the 1960’s Kaye’s family moved next door to Tony’s and an encounter led to Tony attending the same church and surrendering his life to Christ. In fact, they were baptised on the same night of October 1966. A night so remarkable for Tony, when the minister suddenly paused before baptising him praying that “God’s hand would be on him”. They were married in September 1971 and together they have served the Lord for over forty years in numerous capacities. Tony was ministering for a numbers of years in the 80’s taking time out from his secular work as a nurse, to project manage the building of new church facilities. He has supported ministerial colleagues in the U.K, Europe and in the Americas.

Kaye has always supported Tony and in those early years besides caring for their two children she has been an inspiration as they have accommodated and ministered to people worldwide. Their home has been an open house to young and old. Second only to their passion to love and grow in God, is their love for people. They desire to be a positive influence to those in and out of God’s family and together they endeavour to support and champion those ordained and called into church ministry.